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DTSC Online Reference Library (DORY) The Department of Toxic Substances Control is providing access to documents that have been written in response to questions regarding hazardous waste identification, classification, and recycling. Most of these letters were written prior to 2006.

NOTE: The reader is cautioned that each document was written in response to a specific situation. Subtle differences in the facts may result in a different interpretation. In addition, the reader is cautioned that when statutes or regulations change, past interpretations may no longer be valid.

Please note that descriptions of letters that match your search may have unusual characters in them. This is a result of the optical character recognition performed on the original files, and not an error in the results. The following is an example of unusual characters in the description:

image showing unusual characters in a paragraph
Figure: unusual characters in the paragraph shown above.

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  • For legal citations, such as 261.4(b), enclose it in quotes: "261.4(b)".
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