Department of Toxic Substances Control

Instructions On How To Use DTSC's FTP Server

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You can upload a computer file to specific DTSC staff via following the steps below:

Warning: If you have confidential information please encrypt the file and provide the password in the "sender message" area of the form.

Step 1: Provide Upload File Information

Email as an alternative to DTSC's FTP process.

Note: DTSC's email system can accept files up to 50 MB (megabytes) in size.  Sending a large attached file also requires that your email service provider also allows 50 MB attachments.  The table below shows size limitations of popular email providers as of May 2014.  If your email service provider has a lesser size limitation, then that would be the maximum size you could send DTSC staff via email.  For example, if you had a GMail account you could only send a file attachment up to 25 MB.

You can find staff email addresses in our online staff directory.

Email Attachment Sizes Allowed - May 2014
Email Provider Max. File attachement Size (MB)
AIM Mail and AOL Mail
25 MB
iCloud (Apple)
20 MB
GMail (Google)
25 MB
Windows / Live / Hotmail
50 MB
Yahoo Mail
25 MB
Zoho Mail
10 MB